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Next roadshow:

Finland 6–9 may

Join the Nordic region’s largest touring audiovisual B2B trade fair on it's second

tour though Finland stopping at Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku and Helsinki.

Tickets are free.


The meeting point for the AV industry

Are you on the edge of investing in some new AV technology? Then you should definitely come and visit one of our roadshows.

At Monitor Roadshow some of the leading manufacturers and distributors in the audiovisual, electronic systems integration and IT industries gather to showcase their latest products, solutions and services. Gain knowledge and try the latest technology in a silent space where only professionals meet. Our exhibitors bring a wide range of products to the table and we are certain there will be something for you.


The team

Björn Hansen
CEO / Project Manager
Camilla Hansen
Sales Manager
Lena Hansen
Fredrik Hansen
Ticket Manager / Webmaster
Carl J. Alphonce
Art Director / Logistics
Patrik Blomqvist
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without distractions

Monitor Roadshow is a touring conference with a focus on b2b relations and technology exhibition. Distributors all share the same booth space in a silent sphere so that you, as an attendee , can get the most out of the meeting, without any distractions.


No more overly crowded and over sized booths, no more aggressive sale offers, and no more deafening loud noises from every angle. Monitor Roadshow is built to facilitate the meeting between you and the exhibitor, with no distractions.